prawns ! i < 3 prawns !

okay so in my spair time i paint a lot of prawns and draw a lot of them ! i make pupets of them too but you already know that ! i like to eat prawns too they are very low kcalorie and have allmost no fat but are full of protien and they are SO YUMMY ! everything about prawns if they are raw if they are cooked it allways makes me smile . whats funny is that the more i love prawns the more i see them everywhere . its funny how things happn like that . sometimes people ask me why i like prawns and i have to say im not sure why i like them so much . i think it is because if you draw them a bit wierdly they can look like so many things !! people have said my prawns are aleins , babies , fetus'es and even penis'es !!!

but they all look like prawns to me !!

tell me what you think about my prawns by sending me an email at ! do they look like prawns to you or something else entirely ? < 3 bye